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“A great talent that needs to be heard!”
 Tommy Emmanuel
“She’s the first girl I’ve seen who makes a squeeze box look sexy!”
 Elaine Paige

Since the release of her debut album La Musique (“a total triumph on so many levels” Van Dyke Parks) French/Australian singer Emma Hamilton toured the world not only opening for guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel, but enticing audiences with her own blend of French and jazz inspired music.   

Emma’s raspy enveloping voice transports you to another era while her vocals dance and play with her undeniably catchy, fresh songs, right through to French classics (she is half French!) which she sings with luscious authenticity and passion. She is accompanied by her brother Thomas, whose musical sophistication is showcased through outstanding musicianship on a number of musical instruments, namely piano, where he captivates audiences while “ his fingers simply dance across (the keys) with dazzling emotional feel and stylistic depth” (Adelaide Now).  Emma’s original music is laced with retro undertones, world music and pop as they draw their inspiration from anything from Piaf to Dr. John. 

Observing Emma and her brother Thomas live is a delight as their instinctive sibling communication demonstrates their intrinsic musical connection.  Their honeyed vocal tones blend on harmonies that’ll leave you guessing which is which while they both compete for electrifying solos on the piano.  La Musique is a show that will elevate your senses, take you to another time and place, and leave you humming their songs for the rest of the week.